KMG’s principles of sustainability management

In its new 2022–2031 Development Strategy, KMG identified sustainability as one of its strategic goals. Thus, all business processes and decision-making must embed sustainability principles.

KMG’s sustainability management approaches are based on the following sustainable development principles:

  • disclosure: we are open for meetings, discussion and dialogue; we are committed to building long-term cooperation with stakeholders based on mutual interests, rights and balance of the interests of the Company and stakeholders;
  • accountability: we recognise that we are accountable for our impact on the economy, environment and society;
  • transparency: our decisions and actions should be clear and transparent for stakeholders;
  • ethical behaviour: our decisions and actions are based on our values such as respect, honesty, disclosure, team spirit, trust, fairness and impartiality;
  • respect: we respect rights and interests of stakeholders resulting from the law, contracts, or indirectly, through business relationships;
  • rule of law: our decisions, actions and behaviour comply with the law of Kazakhstan and resolutions of the Company’s bodies;
  • respect for human rights: we observe and promote human rights as provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international documents;
  • intolerance for corruption: we declare intolerance for any manifestation of corruption in interaction with all stakeholders;
  • unacceptability of conflict of interest: personal interests of an official or employee should not have effect on unbiased fulfilment of their job duties and functions;
  • personal example: each of us in our daily actions, behaviour and decision-making promotes the principles of sustainable development; officers and employees in management positions should act as role models in terms of adopting sustainability principles.