Priority areas of our social policy

Training and professional development programmes

Digital Transformation Management training

Implementing innovative technology in production is one of KMG’s priorities. The Company has developed and is implementing a uniform approach to digital transformation of production operations across the Group.

To improve digital transformation competencies of the top management, KMG teamed up with the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management to arrange the Digital Transformation Management programme involving heads of digitalisation from large Russian production companies, such as SIBUR, Severstal and Gazprom.

The training programme successfully achieved the following objectives:

  • Exploring the topic of digital transformation (its necessity and value);
  • Analysing key digitalisation challenges, opportunities and risks facing the industry;
  • Looking at case studies of bellwether companies and latest digital transformation tools.
Mandatory safety training

Since 2021, mandatory training sessions for KMG CC employees in occupational health and industrial and fire safety basics have been held on the platform of KMG Engineering LLP.

ISO training

KMG has in place four management systems in line with international ISO standards: quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety management system (ISO 45001), and information security management system (ISO 27001).

KMG has obtained certification for all of them to assure its stakeholders that the service quality, environmental activities, health and safety management and information security mechanisms are under the Company’s complete control.

Every KMG business unit designates employees responsible for maintaining the management systems, as well as the information and information security management systems. The headcount totals 46 employees.

Building Compliance Control System and Managing Compliance Risks

As part of the Action Plan to Minimise Compliance Risks and regular monitoring of the Company's and its employees' compliance with regulatory and ethical requirements, we held Building Compliance Control System and Managing Compliance Risks training sessions for all KMG CC employees.

The training programme's main topics included a brief introduction to the compliance control system and anti-corruption legislation (Kazakh laws, UKBA, FCPA and Sapin II), conflict of interest (declaring and settling), liaison with state authorities and political figures, reputational risk, compliance risk, and business process control (in procurement, HR, M&A, marketing, etc.), as well as the Company’s hotline and more.

Priority areas of our social policy