List of key documents that govern sustainability in KMG



  • Environmental Policy
  • Emissions Management Policy
  • KMG’s 2022–2031 Low-Carbon Development Programme
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Water Resources Management Standard
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Standard for Assessing the Environmental Impact of Planned Activities
  • KMG Group’s Guidelines on Health, Safety and Environment Management System
  • KMG’s Crisis Management Regulations
  • Quality Manual



  • HR Policy 2018–2028
  • Standard Regulations on the Unified System of Internal Communications
  • Standard Rules for Rendering Social Support
  • Standard Regulations on Interactions between SACs and Contractors Working on the Sites of JSC NC KazMunayGas
  • Golden Rules code for employees
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Policy on Safe Operation of Land Vehicles
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Standard for Occupational Health
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Industrial Safety Standard
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Standard for Building HSE Capabilities
  • KMG Group’s Regulations on the Application of Korgau Card
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Standard for Engaging Contractors on HSE
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Standard for Provision of Workwear, Footwear and Personal Protective Equipment
  • KMG Group’s Corporate Unified Occupational Health Management System
  • KMG Group’s Regulations on the Application of Korgau Card
  • KMG Group’s Regulations on Safe Operation of Land Vehicles



  • Corporate Governance Code
  • Code of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development Concept
  • KMG Group’s Sustainability Management Guidelines
  • Sustainability Report Development Rules
  • Code of Business Ethics
  • Anti-Corruption Standards
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Confidential Informing Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Management Policy for Employees and Officers
  • Internal Control System Policy
  • Corporate Risk Management System Policy
  • KMG’s Rules for Conducting Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Internal Analysis of Corruption Risks
  • KMG’s Corporate Regulations for Physical Security and Counter-Terrorism Protection
  • Internal Control System Regulations
  • KMG’s Economic Security Regulations
  • Information Security Management System Manual